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1st Class Gift Shops

2072 S State Road 39

Frankfort, IN 46041
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1st Class Gift Shops
1st Class Gift Shops
1st Class Gift Shops

Your distributor for Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes of Indiana

It's the EASIEST & BEST Holiday Shop!

When you use our EASY SYSTEM, there's NEVER any Inventory!

We don't make you price or count any items - we know how busy you are & that's OUR JOB!  All items are pre-coded by price group, ao you just need to push one button per item on the pre-programmed CASH REGISTER. we provide for FREE and that's it!  The register will keep track of your sales, calculate your billing and your inventory and we'll verify it once you box it up and we get it back here to our warehouse!
There are no prices to remember and no tedious counting for your volunteers!  At the end of each shop day you print a report from the register, text, call or email us with your totals and if you need any additional items, we'll get your restocked right away!  When the shop is over, simply send us the last report & we'll send you an invoice... you already collected the money so you'll just cut us a check, and the rest of your profit you'll take to the bank!  As far as your returns, just box it all up - packaging and all, and we'll pick it up along with your payment. It's THAT EASY & NO INVENTORY EVER!!!


100's of Personalized & Non-Personalized TOP QUALITY GIFTS!

We provide the largest variety of gift quality, not carnival quality items in the Holiday Shop industry!  Our gifts range in price from $.22 to $9.00 (suggested retail of 25 cents to $10 with a 10% Profit Margin for your group!)  With most items being $5 & under. 150 or more different items. 60-100 new items each year - PLUS custom picked local & regional sports items including Collegeiate & Pro teams!

  • MOM gifts
  • DAD gifts
  • GRANDMA gifts
  • GRANDPA gifts
  • BROTHER & SISTER gifts
  • AUNT & UNCLE gifts
  • TEACHER gifts
  • PET gifts
  • & more!!


We even have Personalized Gift Items labeled FAMILY for blended family situations!

We stock our shops so well and track them daily so that YOU WON'T RUN OUT of price groups.  But if you are running low, we promise to deliver additional inventory, as needed during the sale with orders called in by 3:00pm EST being delivered that night or before your shop opens the following morning!  Lots of people PROMISE great service, but NO ONE delivers it like we do!  With 24-hour phone support during the shopping season, help is only a phone call away! 

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