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2072 S State Road 39

Frankfort, IN 46041
Local 765.654.8055


Best Indiana Fundraising Staff
1st Class - 1 Fun Company!

             1st Class Lead Staff 2012               

Paul Schutte & the 1st Class Team

Paul Schutte

 (800) 654-4927 - Toll-Free

 (765) 654-8055 - Local



2072 S State Road 39, Frankfort, IN 46041

Paul Schutte & his 1st Class Team have been helping groups on their fundraisers for over 30 years. They've worked with more than 70 Bands and Choirs each year, as well as Elementary & Middle School groups, Cheerleaders, Competitive Dance and Gymnastics Teams, Sorority and other civic groups & churches.  Just see what some of their customers have to say about working with 1st Class!  Call today to request a FREE SAMPLE!

They've also worked with Holiday Shops for 3 decades, providing THE BEST & EASIEST Gift Shop program in the nation, right here in Indiana!  Every gift item is hand-picked and if they wouldn't buy it, they won't let your children either!  A Holiday Shop is an opportunity to provide real-world life skills for a child, like budgeting, decision-making, money counting, and the joy of giving - but it's also an esteem builder for the child to know that they shopped, selected and wrapped the present themselves and the joy that comes from that is PRICELESS!  Plus, it's a service for busy parents who LOVE letting the child shop within the security of the school!  The prices are MUCH LESS than the department stores and higher quality & better selection than $ Stores - and there's NO RISK to the group and NEVER any inventory!  Call today to request a FREE SAMPLE!

Paul & his team listen to what their customers need in every detail, and because they're a family business they can custom design a fundraising, fun fair or holiday shop project just for YOU!  Being a locally owned and operated Indiana Small Business allows them to provide THE BEST of locally produced PRODUCTS and AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE, plus you have the confidence of knowing you are putting your fellow Hoosiers to work!! 

Call them to find out how they can help your group RAISE MORE MONEY with LESS EFFORT and HAPPIER REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

Contact Us so we can lend our expertise to your next fundraising project and FREE samples of our AMAZING products for your next meeting!!!

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